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International Forum facilitated by the Forest Ecosystem Restoration Initiative

12th September 2023, online event.




The participants engaged in dynamic discussions on the crucial elements of restoration targets in the KM-GBF, with emphasis on Target 2. The event featured a series of presentations, each contributing to elements of restoration action plans and targets:


  • The Forest Ecosystem Restoration Initiative, delivered by Jina Kim of the Korea Forest Service, this presentation explored the historical context and future prospects of the Forest Ecosystem Restoration Initiative in supporting the planning and implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

  • Unpacking Target 2 of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, presented by Jamal Annagylyjova from the Secretariat of CBD, covered the implications for country planning for targets in national biodiversity strategies and action plans.

  • The Framework for Ecosystem Restoration Monitoring: Toward Transparent Monitoring and Results Dissemination – Julian Fox and Yelena Finegold from FAO provided insights into monitoring KM-GBF target 2, by presenting the framework that promotes transparent monitoring.  

  • Ecosystem Restoration Effectiveness, Principles, and Standards of Practice: George Gann from SER, shed light on the strategic planning required to achieve multiple benefits from ecosystem restoration. These encompass biodiversity enhancement, ecosystem services, connectivity, and resilience, offering a holistic approach to restoration.

  • The WePlan - Forests: A decision support platform for spatial planning of forest ecosystem restoration. Robin Chazdon from ICEED introduced the decision support platform that supports countries in spatial planning of forest ecosystem restoration. Wolke Tobon from CONABIO shared Mexico's experience planning restorations and usign the platform.

  • The Restoring hope project: fostering integrated restoration planning for different multilateral environmental agreements. Enrique Paniagua from UNDP concluded the presentations with the "Restoring Hope Project," an initiative aimed at facilitating integrated restoration planning across various multilateral environmental agreements.

This workshop was a valuable exchange of knowledge and ideas, fostering a deeper understanding of ecosystem restoration within the context of the KM-GBF and paving the way for impactful action on a global scale.

FERI-CBD hosted the Workshop on ecosystem restoration-related planning and capacity-building needs for the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (KM-GBF). This virtual knowledge exchange session, which took palce on September 12th 2023, brought together a diverse group of 114 participants from 41 countries, including country representatives, stakeholder groups, experts and observers. 

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