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Scalable strategies for landscape ecological restoration: models in San Martín, Perú, buffer zone of the National Park Cordillera Azul


San Martín, Peru


The projects aims to establish, together with local actors, demonstration sites for ecological restoration activities in the buffer zone of the Cordillera Azul National Park, with a view to restoring connectivity in the landscape and generating experiences for future scaling-up of restoration efforts.

As a leading conservation organization in Peru, CIMA will implement restoration models and strategies for the recovery and connectivity of degraded and deforested areas and strengthen the knowledge and capacity of farmers from San Juan and Lejia directly involved in the implementation of restoration models and the development of strategies to ensure ecosystem benefits in their localities. Areas to be restored will be identified with the communities within the conservation agreements (Acuerdos Azules) between the communities and CIMA. The project will build, implement, produce and maintain nurseries; one at each community. Total production should reach an estimated 15,000 seedlings over the two sites.

By February 2019, an area of approximately 50 hectares will be under restoration, two local nurseries managed by women of the communities will be established, 50 hectares of connectivity restored and the reconnection of 500 hectares of forest landscape in the process of ecological restoration. Capacity-building training will be offered to 10 key individuals to participate in project implementation and promote restoration activities. CIMA will partner with academic institutions to develop field training schools. Lessons learned from the project will be converted into teaching modules to be adopted in academic curricula and/or continuing education programs, as well as communication materials on the restoration models developed, benefits of restoration and lessons learned from the Project.

Implementing partners


This project is carried out by CIMA - Centro de Conservación, Investigación y Manejo de Areas Naturales - in the Cordillera Azul National Park of Peru



Technical Report


August 2018

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