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WePlan – Forests: A decision support tool for the spatial planning and implementation of tropical forest ecosystem restoration

This new decision-support platform developed by the International Institute for Sustainability (IIS) and supported by the FERI will use analytical approaches and best available data to support countries as they set or revise national and sub-national targets on forest ecosystem restoration and plan their implementation. 


Events organized by CBD-FERI



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Companion to the Short-Term Action Plan on Ecosystem Restoration (STAPER)

Adopted at CBD COP 13 in Cancun, Mexico, the Short-Term Action Plan on Ecosystem Restoration (STAPER) aims to help Parties to accelerate and upscale activities on ecosystem restoration. This document and interactive web page developed in collaboration with the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) is designed as a companion to the STAPER activities and provides resources and tools to support their implementation.​


Partnering with Nature: The case for natural regeneration in forest and landscape restoration


Natural regeneration is a cost-effective, nature-based tool for restoration that enhances resilience, supports local biodiversity, and supplies multiple ecosystem goods and services. However, for social, cultural and economic reasons, the potential of natural regeneration for achieving large-scale restoration objectives and climate mitigation targets is often overlooked. This information brief makes specific recommendations for policy changes that could enhance the role of natural regeneration in ecological restoration interventions and as an integral component of forest and landscape restoration. 


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