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Webinar to celebrate 10 years of the Forest Ecosystem Restoration Initiative on the occasion of the International Day of Forests

21st March 2024, online event.




The webinar was moderated by Mieke Bourne (CIFOR-ICRAF) and convened a diverse group of speakers and participants, including representatives from FERI's country projects, representatives from regional centers, international organizations, national governments and indigenous people.


The event was commenced with opening remarks from Mr. Nam Song See, Director General of the International Affairs Bureau at the Korea Forest Service, and Ms. Jihyun Lee, Director of the Science, Society and Sustainable Futures Division at CBD. They highlighted context in which FERI was developed during COP12, the commitment and support form the Korea Forest Service and how the CBD Parties welcomed the creation of the initiative, and emphasized its continued importance for achieving the GBF targets, particularly Target 2. 

The first segment featured a discussion with Magda Kharrat (principal scientist ant the Mediterranean Facility of the European Forest Institute), Adams Toussaint (Fauna & Flora St. Lucia's Programme Manager) and Deshni Pillay (Nature, Climate and Energy Porfolio Manager at UNDP). They've discussed FERI's support for on the ground projects, regional capacity strengthening workshops and knowledge products and decision support tools.

In the second segment, Garo Batmanian (Director General of the Brazilian Forest Service), Kamal Kumar (Bhutan's Indigenous People representative) and Margo Buszko-Briggs (Senior Forestry Officer at FAO), discussed current trends in the international forest agenda, including innovative financial mechanisms, engagement strategies with Indigenous People and Local Communities, mainstreaming biodiversity into forestry, and the alignment with the global biodiversity framework.

Watch the webinar below:


On 21 March 2024, the Forest Ecosystem Restoration Initiative (FERI) team hosted a webinar to commemorate FERI's 10th anniversary, celebrate the International Day of Forests and reflect on the forest biodiversity contributions to the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. The event was structured into two sections: the first highlighted initiatives supported by FERI, while the second discussed current and future priorities in the global forest agenda.

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