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Criteria for the selection of projects

FERI projects would be evaluated according to the degree they incorporate the below criteria:

  • Government approval or support (a letter of support from the CBD focal point of the country(ies) of implementation will be required before final approval of FERI support is granted)

  • Alignment with restoration-related national commitments (e.g. National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans under the CBD, nationally determined contributions under the UNFCCC, commitments under the Bonn Challenge)

  • Applicability of the guidance in the appendix I of Decision XIII/5 of the CBD Conference of the Parties

  • Biodiversity objectives and good practices (e.g. incorporating species and genetic diversity, using native species, promoting connectivity across the landscape, or using cross-sectoral approaches)

  • Contribution to the development of policy frameworks for forest ecosystem restoration

  • Community involvement and gender considerations

  • Commitment to monitoring and reporting of project results

FERI grants will typically be up to 50,000 US$, with a maximum of 100,000 US$, therefore linkages with broader projects or initiatives are recommended. A long term vision for the sustainability of the project outcomes is also required. 

Typical project duration is 1-2 years. Renewal of funding will be considered for initiatives that have demonstrated a remarkable impact.

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